About that Blogging Stuff....

....I've been horrible!  Anyone that has a blog knows what kind of outright determination it takes to actually maintain and post consistently and I just completely fell off the wagon. 

So now we have a lot of catching up to do, don't we?

First things first - that new logo and re-branding I was talking about so long ago.  We finally did it!  It took so much longer than anyone anticipated and we still have a lot of work to do (like changing over ever label, getting new pictures done, and just updating the website in general) but we're so happy with what we have so far.

Here's a look at our new logo:

It's so much cleaner, fresher, and more "us" than our old one.  See the aspen leaf there?  That's "us" too.  We love aspens and nature in general.  Actually, where we're located, in a beautiful valley of Colorado Rocky Mountains, we're surrounded by quaking aspens that turn a brilliant golden yellow in the fall.  It was only fitting that we included that little bit in our new look.

As I mentioned we've been busy redoing all our labels to reflect the change as well.  To see how it's coming along, check out our website

And speaking of the beauty of nature, The Trail Ridge Road gift store near Estes Park in the Rocky Mountain National Forest is going to be carrying tons of Blissology products this summer.  We're so excited to share what we do with so many people.  I don't think the store opens until near the end of this month, but I can't wait to see how it all turns out.

Meanwhile we've been working really hard to stock up and get orders out to all our customers and wholesale accounts.  It's a lot of work when the soap factory is also the household kitchen!  And at the beginning of July Shannon is expecting another baby so we're certainly going to have our work cut out for us. 

There's so much more we have planned, but it's still too early to spill the beans on ALL of our projects.  In the meantime, hope everyone's lives are perfectly blissful!


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Unknown said... May 2, 2010 at 2:58 PM

Hahaha, I've left my blog abandoned for a couple of weeks now. I can relate! Love your new logo. Very clean and zen, but not antiseptic. It's got a nice balance. Nice job getting into the gift shop!


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