We Don't Do Bath Bombs

For those of you that are not yet subscribed to our newsletter, first, you should sign up!  (See the little spot over there on the left - so easy!)  If you didn't get to read the last issue, I wanted to share one of the articles.  "We Don't Do Bath Bombs."  Thanks to my etsy SAFEteam for reminding me exactly why we don't!

You've no doubt seen huge salt-packed balls many call "bath bombs" before. They're really neat looking and great fun in a bath. Most even fizz fantastically as they dissolve in the water.

But you won't find them at Blissology. Not anytime soon, anyway.

It's not that we don't love the idea of them. And it's certainly not due to any personal issues about putting "bombs" in a bathtub.

Rather, we just can't. We've TRIED! There must be some special secret to them that we just cannot quite piece together. Maybe it's the weather, the humidity, the current phase of the moon. Or perhaps just our lack of patience or muscle.

Whatever the reason for our consistent bath bomb failures, we decided as a team that the frustrations they cause us just do not mesh with our striving to live a -blissful- lifestyle.

So, in order to promote continued bliss, we offer our customers wonderful bath salts and fizzing bath salts.  Just not in ball-form. No bombs, just shrapnel, if you will. Find them in tubes or bags in a variety of wonderful scents. They are a great addition to any bath and you get to choose how much or how little you want to add. Chances are, you'll never miss the exploding balls. We don't!


2 Responses to "We Don't Do Bath Bombs"

Anne-Marie said... May 18, 2010 at 5:54 PM

Balls are definitely hard to keep together. Have you tried the addition of clay? I notice that it helps to improve the structural integrity of the bath fizzy, making it more apt to stay together.

Anne-Marie said... May 18, 2010 at 5:55 PM

PS - But that said, if they're totally driving you insane, it's a smart business choice to focus on what you do well and shelve what you don't. =))


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