We haven't really said much about this yet, but we're working on a new project for Blissology. Well, we're always working on new things but this one is going to be big. Re-branding.

With the generous help of Luke Paxton, a true professional designer, we're in the process of creating a whole new look for Blissology. It's so exciting and nerve-wracking and fun and difficult.

I keep thinking to myself that this is going to change everything. Which is true! Everything is going to look completely different but inside will always be the same great products you expect from us.

This change is going to mean a wider appeal and a more professional appearance. We're not quite ready to unveil the new look yet, but I can tell you it is clean, modern, fresh, and simplistic. There's still so much to do, but with our excitement, we just had to share!


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