Spring Favorites

Warmer weather, bursting buds, fresh new flowers.  Spring is certainly here!  Of course, here in Colorado those beautiful warm days are interrupted with snow storms and blizzards on occasion too, but we don't worry - it will all be melted in a day or two!

Every spring we plan to have a few new scents in our soaps and other products, but for now, I'll just stick to what we have ready and in stock. 

In this season, most people are ready to put aside the spicy, foody, and more winter-related scents and opt for fresh and floral.  (In soapmaking, floral fragrances are the most challenging because they are often responsible for "acceleration" which basically means that the soap gets really thick really fast and we have to rush to mix in additives and colors and swirling pretty can be very difficult.)

Here are some springtime favorites from Blissology:

Grass Soap
You'll be amazed how much this soap really does smell like fresh green grass, freshly mowed.  We've added finely ground cornmeal to give it some scrub so it makes a great gardener's soap.  Time to get those seeds planted!

Lavender Footsie Bar

It's almost time to break out the sandals and flip flops!  And sometimes our feet need a little help to really be ready to show off.  Footsie Bars are the absolute best moisturizer to take care of tootsies with rough, dry, and calloused areas.  It's a hard lotion bar without the mess. 

Lavender Lemongrass Lip Balm
 This lip balm speaks to the promise of sunshine and fields of flowers.  It's also great for kissing goodbye dry wintery lips!

Mountain Showers Soap

Fresh, clean, cool rain.  This soap is a favorite year-round but surely it should be mentioned for April Showers!

Vita-Skin Lotion

Winter is rough on skin.  So now, it's time to rehydrate and condition it.  Blissology's Vita-Skin lotion has extra vitamins and extra-good-for-you oils to treat skin right. 

Acai Berry Fizzy Bath Salt

No matter the season, a hot bath can be extremely therapeutic for body, mind, and soul.  This salt fizzes briefly in the water releasing a wonderful berry scent.  Highly recommended!

Beautiful Life Salt Scrub

This is another much needed step to rejuvenate winter-tired skin.  Salt scrubs away dead and dry skin while oils replenish and moisturize the new skin.  If you do only one special thing for your skin this season, it should be a salt or sugar scrub!

Yuzu Soap

Fresh, bright, and like a kiss of sunshine!  Yuzu (or Japanese Grapefruit), is such a delicious way to welcome spring. 


2 Responses to "Spring Favorites"

Carolina Mesiti said... June 11, 2011 at 5:39 PM

The Mountain Showers Soap looks amazing!! What do you use for color to make it that blue?

Bliss Mistress said... June 11, 2011 at 6:55 PM

Thanks Carolina! We use Ultramarine Blue pigment powder. It's one of my favorite colors, for sure. We also mix it to make pretty purples like our Lilac soap.


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