Blissology Home Party

Last weekend we packed up the car and drove to Canon City for a home show.  We brought the baby and my sister to help and ended up having a great day.

Our gracious hostess, a friend of my Granny's, had snacks and plenty of chairs for all her guests.  Most had just enough time to change out of their church clothes and were ready to hear all about Blissology. 

We talked briefly about all of our products and how they could really help them or those they know.  And then we played a fun game which tested their memory and noses.  We chose 8 soaps and sent them around so everyone could have a sniff.  They were all labeled and they needed to remember the name that went with the scent.  Then, a short time later, we sent out 6 numbered bags, each with one of those soaps in it.  They had to guess which one was which (and could refer to the tray of 8 soaps to make it a little easier).  Only two people got all 6 right - the two youngest!  The girls got a prize, of course, but we didn't leave anyone out.  Everyone that made a purchase got free soap too.

It was a lot of fun and we realized that we really do like doing these home shows.  This was only our second one, but both were certainly successful.  Our hostess got credit for products too and I'm in the process of sending her a thank you card with a coupon for 18% off.  It seems like a strange number, but she had 18 other people attend so that's how we came up with that number.

If you live in Colorado and want to host a home party, let us know!  We'd love to meet your friends and you'll get some great products and deals for yourself.  Now is a great time to do it because everyone's looking at buying for Christmas.  Let us know how we can help you spread the Bliss!


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