Wasabi and Dragon's Blood Soap

Wasabi is our first Spring Soap for the year. When people ask what it smells like, we can honestly answer "green." It's fresh and bright and doesn't smell at all like the wasabi horseradish you have with sushi. Wasabi is sweet and floral and a little bit of tang.

We added jojoba beads to give the bar some nice, gentle exfoliation. Plus, it looks pretty in subtle swirls!

Of course, like all our soaps, we've added shea butter for an extra boost of luxury and moisturizer.

Even though we're introducing this as our newest seasonal scent, we're hoping everyone loves it so much they demand us to keep it around all year. That would be fine with us because we love it too!

You might remember a post I did several months ago about our Dragon's Blood Soap. It has become a favorite for some of our family members now thanks to its deep, complex smell and wonderful lather. I took some more pictures of it with my new camera.

The brown has darkened a little since the first pictures and it's really more fitting that way. Above the large brown layer is a layer of green with jojoba beads, then a layer with red jojoba beads, and finally a lucky dragonesque dark brown layer at the top.

These are our large-sized spa bars so they're almost twice as much soap for not much more money. (They're $5.50 compared to $4.25 for our regular bars.) They last a really long time.

Earthy, sultry, mysterious, woody, and sexy are all good adjectives of this Dragon's Blood soap. It's wonderful for men or women and we've even had one customer by it just so her kids would wash their hands more. I guess it might be fun to wash with "Dragon's Blood!"


3 Responses to "Wasabi and Dragon's Blood Soap"

Unknown said... February 21, 2009 at 8:34 AM

The wasabi is actually tempting. I have your roseberry in my favorites for when I run out of my last batch of your soap.

Bliss Mistress said... February 21, 2009 at 4:24 PM

Anna, I'm really loving the wasabi. That's what I'm using in the shower currently. It's just so clean and fresh smelling - it reminds me that this cooold winter will not be here much longer.

Anonymous said... March 6, 2009 at 2:20 PM

What a cool idea! I bet that smells really good. I like things that smell "green".


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