Enchanted Forest and Ripe Red Raspberry

Enchanted Forest Handmade SoapEnchanted Forest was our "Valentine" scent this year. Not only is it great for both men and women, but it also smells simply enchanting. It's a delightful mix of deep woody smells like Cedarwood and Sandalwood, earthy Amber, sweet Vanilla, and a little bit of foresty florals if you can really pick out the individual scents. They all meld together to create a magically sexy fragrance.

As a brief side-note, vanilla is a really funny thing in soap. Most people think "white" when they think vanilla although I'm not sure why now that I think about it. Vanilla beans are a beautiful dark brown. Anyway, that's what happens in soap too - it colors it brown.

We really weren't thinking about the vanilla components of this fragrance when we added it to the soap. We envisioned a lightish tan base color with beautiful purple swirls. Which of course were completely lost as the soap turned chocolate brown. It's a great color and actually fits the scent (luckily for us!) but it just wasn't what we had envisioned. We're used to that by now though - it's rare anything in reality comes out how we thought it would!
Ripe Red Raspberry Handmade Soap
Ripe Red Raspberry was our other Valentiney scent this year. It has been a main staple to the line even way back when it was just Pam running "Mountain Homestead Soaps." The colors, of course, are valentine-like, but the scent was also perfect. We've had women report to us that for whatever reason, when they wear this raspberry scent (we also have it in lip balm and massage oil candles), their husbands take it as a sign that they're feeling frisky. If that's not perfect for Valentine's Day, I don't know what is!

Of course, I likely should have made this post about this time LAST month, but I didn't have my new camera then and our pictures just weren't up to par. They still could use some improvement, I think, but they're MUCH better now. And since they really are great for the whole year, not just one day, we Highly Recommend them both!


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