Angel of Shavano

It's been hard updating lately because there really hasn't been much news. At least on the business front. Other things in every other aspect have been busy.

We've mostly just been restocking and restocking. Like our Angel of Shavano soap. If you've ever smelled Thierry Mugler's "Angel", then you'll know what this smells like. It has hints of lots of different fragrances including sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, plus faint notes of fruits and citruses. It is meant to arouse fond memories that one cannot quite place with smells reminiscent of chocolate, honey, and caramel.

So that's the Angel part. You might wonder what "Shavano" is though.

We live at an elevation just under 8,000 feet, surrounded by mountains in all directions. Out of our kitchen and living room window is the perfect view of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sauguache mountain range. It's one of the "Fourteeners", mountains above 14,000 feet, and has an interesting visual feature to it.

On the eastern face of the mountain is a deep crevice that forms the shape of an angel usually for most of the spring. Can you see her in the picture? (Picture was taken by Steve at ColoradoGuy. I couldn't take one myself right now because the whole mountain is covered in snow and the angel isn't visible.) Look for a big "Y" just below the summit. The legend goes, that there was once a great drought and the Indian people of the valley
were suffering. A Ute Princess went to the mountain and prayed for her people. She was told that she must sacrifice herself so that her people could have water again. She did, and now every spring when the snow melts, it is her, crying for her people and renewing the valley with fresh water.

In our soap, we added calendula petals too. It looks pretty, smells pretty, and has a nice story to go with it. Needless to say, it sells very well locally! We think you should have a piece of our beautiful mountain too - every time you wash!

The last picture I wanted to share is what Angel of Shavano looks like when it f
irst comes out of the mold. It's so smooth and pretty-smelling!


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