Soap Good Enough to Steal

Yesterday was our Holiday Bazaar Craft Fair and it was excellent. So many great people came out to do some Christmas shopping (and shopping for themselves!) and made our day great.

Whenever we do any kind of craft show, we always try to put a bar of soap in the bathroom. For one, we really hate using any other kind of soap and the liquid soap in bathrooms is so drying. So we put it there for us, but also as a sample for everyone else that happens to wash their hands that day. We always get positive comments and frequently people buy our soap that never would have given it a second glance because they got to try it out first.

Yesterday's show was no different. We chose our Cinnamon Spice soap for the bathroom and we've nearly sold out of it in large part because so many people wanted to buy "That one from the bathroom." But a few hours before the end of the show, one of the other vendors approached us and remarked that our soap was gone. Someone had stolen it!

I guess they just really needed some soap and couldn't or wouldn't buy it. We took it as a compliment though. Now we know that our soap is good enough to steal. Not that you need to, really. It's quite affordable and a person would probably feel a lot better every time they used it if it didn't conjure feelings of guilt, but oh well.

And lest you think our town is full of soap thieves and criminals, let me assure you that this is one of the last places I would have expected this from! But here, I'll let "The New York Times" do the talking. They did an article about Salida today.


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Stephanie Amos said... December 12, 2008 at 11:46 PM

At least you know it wasn't me since I bought a bar at the last minute! =)
It was real nice meeting you and your mother. I can hardly wait to get your little pots done. I have some new glazes that I think would work great! I'm just trying to finish up some commissions for Christmas and then I can concentrate on the little guys. Thanks for checking out my blog. =) Hope you have a great weekend!


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