Bad-Luck Fairies

Sometimes people attribute bad luck in soap making to "soap fairies." I think we had some kind of fairies around here today. It wasn't with soap, but pretty much everything else.

I had a pretty rough day. Dayna was particularly trying, getting into everything she knows she's not supposed to, and really pushing all my buttons. Plus, I'm coming down with something. Some sort of miserable, awful head cold. I didn't even attempt to do much work today besides mail out orders just because I don't think that I could have.

When my mom gets home, she relays details of her day too. More bad-luck fairies. The kids she teaches were wound up and horrible, co-workers were demanding, and the computers in her room were breaking down.

So we were both pretty ragged tonight. But with a looming deadline for this weekend (Holiday Show at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds! Saturday, all day!), we knew we had to try to get some stuff finished.

I started with olive oil infusions. I had arnica and comfrey to filter out of the now infused-oil and I made a big mess of it. My fine-mesh strainer broke.

Meanwhile, my mom was starting a batch of lotion. Only she couldn't find the recipe. After quite awhile of searching, we figured out what to do and then she realized she needed more stuff from downstairs. Finally, she started measuring and heating, etc. And then the scale broke. So no more lotion tonight. Our backup scale only reads in ounces and so tomorrow I'll have to get a new one and hurry hurry to get everything done.

I really hope these fairy's are gone tomorrow!


2 Responses to "Bad-Luck Fairies"

Unknown said... December 5, 2008 at 9:26 AM

I hope they're gone too, and I hope you don't get too sick!

Bliss Mistress said... December 7, 2008 at 12:03 PM

Thanks Anna! I'm not convinced that they are in fact gone. Today has been another one of those days, and I'm still sick but it's mostly just an annoyance more than anything.


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