Lil' Bits of Bliss

We decided to name the muscle rubs "Ultimate Muscle Therapy Balm" which sounds like it should come in the size of say, a sack of potatoes, but really it's about the size of a deodorant container. So, don't be intimidated by the name. I'll post pictures and a link where you can buy it as soon as I have a little more time.

Today I've been working on the newsletter. I've sent out a few issues of our monthly "Lil' Bits of Bliss" but it hasn't actually been monthly. At all. Mainly because it has been such a huge pain to actually do it. It took literally days to put it all together even with my computer, editing, and layout experience. So I've worked out something a little different and am now using an editor and mailing program all-in-one type of thing. It's so much easier now.

You're probably hopefully wondering by now how you can get to read this awesome newsletter with its cute name, exclusive sales, and company and product information. Well m'friends, for you, I'll share the link so you can add your name and email address and start receiving your monthly newsletter packed with little bits of bliss.


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