Scrub Day

I've taken a few days off and I guess that's all it takes to feel really behind in blogging. I didn't make my "30 days of blogging every day!" I should have started in August or something when there aren't any holidays. Oh well. New Goal: Post every day possible.

Today we're making scrubs. We ran out of foot scrubs and people are loving our deal with a foot scrub and a footsie bar together for $13. It makes a great gift and now we need to make a ton more!

I love the smell of the foot scrubs. Lemongrass, Peppermint, Spearment, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. It's so fresh and clean-smelling. And I've never heard anyone complain about having fresh and clean-smelling feet!

We also have to make a few samples for that new spa I was talking about a few posts ago. Brown Sugar & Fig sugar scrub and a Stress-Be-Gone salt scrub. They'll also have an almond salt scrub, but they already know they love that one.

So now, on to the scrubs!


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