Anyone Seen my Brain today?

Let me tell you about the stupid thing I did today.

First of all, I was really tired. I stayed up too late finished my book. ("Rasputin's Daughter" for those that care. It was good.) I made some Peppermint Bath Salt tubes today because I had an order for them and we'd sold all our previous ones at the last craft show.

Anyway, it took me a lot longer to make them than usual because I was so tired and I kept forgetting stuff in the basement. I did get them finished and ready to mail off in plenty of time though, so I was pleased. They also looked really quite cute. Anyway, I took the package to the post office and came home to start cleaning up the kitchen a little bit.

I was about to put the other salt tubes away when it struck me that something was a little different about them. Oh, yes, the labels! I hadn't printed them off yet so I'd have to do that before putting them away.....

And you can perhaps see now how my mind quickly reached the conclusion that "CRAP! I mailed off salt tubes with no labels!" I had to race to get them printed off then race back to the post office and pray they package was still there. It was, and the post mistress laughed at me, but we got the labels on and the package re-sealed and taped.

So if you happened to have ordered Peppermint Bath Salt tubes, and you find your package looks a little disheveled, you know why.

Hopefully tomorrow my brain will fire more precisely and I won't be so spacey.

On a related but seperate subject, for those of you that make bath salts or bombs or fizzies or whatever, what do you think is the best way to color them? For instance, do you mix the colorant with a small bit of anything before adding it to the main batch? How do you do it? I'm just curious.


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Amy said... November 29, 2008 at 9:42 PM

Depends on what we're using as colorant for the salts. We've found that 1-3 drops of standard liquid soap colorant is usually sufficient to color up to 20 ounces of salt, so really a little goes a long Looong way.

Mica works well, according to the directions it says to spray the salts with alcohol first then mix in the mica, but I don't, and they color just fine. Again, little bits (i dip just the tip of the spoon into the mica, and the little bit that sticks all by itself, is sufficient to color about 10 ounces of salt or more) goes a long long way.

Bliss Mistress said... November 30, 2008 at 9:04 AM

Amy - I've only used liquid colorant so far but next time I order, I'm going to get some Mica so maybe I'll try that next time too. Thanks!


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