Baby Shower Gifts for Mommy (and baby)

I've been thinking about baby showers recently because it's about time for us to start planning one for my sister. Now some get gifts just for the new baby, and that's great, but taking care of the new mother is even better!

The last shower we went to was for my cousin and for a gift we made a big basket of Blissology stuff just for her. I wanted to show you how easy and fun this can be! And don't forget - Mother's Day is just around the corner!

Pampering Gift Ideas for the New and Soon-to-be Mommy

Shea Butter

The best thing for stretched, tight, itchy skin is pure shea butter. According to the American Shea Butter Institute, shea butter can even prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. They also recommend it for "muscle fatigue, aches and tension" as well as skin rashes. So not only can mommy use it for herself during her pregnancy, but on baby too. Two-in-One!

Lip Balm

One of the most prized possessions in the hospital is lip balm. It's small and easy to forget when you don't need it. But trust me, a new mother is going to need this! Blissology offers several great flavors and we recommend getting two of them - one mommy can use now, and one she can pack ahead of time in her hospital bag.


Pregnant women's skin can often be challenging. Her best friend at this time may very well be a big bottle of Blissology lotion. And of course, she can have you to thank for that! Any of our lotions would be great, but for extra pampering, opt for the Vita-Skin Lotion. We add extra skin-nourishing vitamins and a gentle essential oil blend for fragrance.

Massage Oil

This is anot
her one for both mommy and baby. Blissology's Serene Slumber Massage Oil is just what mommy-to-be needs before those long, uncomfortable nights. There comes a point, not long into a pregnancy, when sleep becomes difficult and is not so restful. Serene Slumber is a blend of lavender, rosewood and ylang-ylang essential oils to calm the racing mind and hopefully call the sandman. Plus, every pregnant woman deserves a daily massage. Of course, this can also be used as a bath oil.

Baby massage is becoming more and more popular but it's often difficult to find an oil suitable and gentle enough for baby. Serene Slumber uses just the right safe amounts of essential oil to provide for the aromatherapy benefits. It is especially helpful as part of a bedtime routine after
a warm bath and during and before quiet time with mommy and/or daddy.

Footsie Bar

Blissology's famous Footsie Bars are a woman's dream-come-true. They're moisturizing and energizing. When she can't reach her own feet anymore, it's quick and easy for someone else to do it for her. And a great excuse for a foot massage too!

Handmade Soap

The list would not be complete without this essential. Not only do Blissology soaps
make a great addition for any gift basket, but using handmade soap is one of the best things a person, pregnant woman, baby, ANYONE can do for their skin.

Blissology has a huge selection of fragrances including essential oils and every bar has shea butter and the finest vegetable oils.


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