Scrub Off Winter Sale

First of all, the obligatory "sorry I've been away" thing. I've been sick and tired and so has most everyone else in this house! It's just that time of year, I guess, flu and horrible colds just make their way around. Several times each.

Now that is out of the way.... We're having a sale!

It's also that time of year that you and your skin are ready to be done with winter! Pack up the sweaters and break out the spring wardrobe!

But what about that less than exciting winter skin? Never fear! Blissology to the rescue!

The best way to get that dry, scaly, flaky, ugh, winter skin to blossom like your favorite flowers, is to exfoliate and moisturize. With Blissology salt and sugar scrubs, it's not only easy, but enjoyable, relaxing, and extremely pampering.

Select salt and sugar scrubs are now $13.99 (regular price $16) so you won't even have to stress over the cost of pure necessary indulgence. Yes, indulgent. But yes, trust me, you definitely need it. Your skin will thank you!

Without further ado, you can purchase your magnificent skin-loving scrubs here. If you have questions or need help deciding, let me know!


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