If that title makes you wonder about my sanity, let me explain. It stands for National Blog Posting Month. In an effort to make more regular posts, I've joined up to dedicate myself to a blog post every single day for an entire month. Even weekends. Now that I've explained, you may STILL be wondering about my sanity.

On the soaping front, we've been intermitantly busy with periods of slowness. We've made several new batches of soap, some restocking, but a few new ones too. We've got our seasonal Cinnamon Spice, Caramel Apple and Plum Spice, and a new spa line bar, Dragon's Blood. They're all really wonderful, but the Dragon's Blood was really a nice surprise.

Here's a picture of it:

The pinkish layer there and the green one above it are colored with jojoba beads. They give a cool visual effect, but they also gently exfoliate. And the smell is WONDERFUL. There's hints of vanilla and patchouli and a sweet, exotic musk.

We have it for sale up on the website already for people who want to order it now, because we know this one is going to sell FAST. We have a big craft show the day after it's ready to ship so if you order it now, you can be sure that we'll save yours.

Other than the soaps, we've also been working hard to keep our stock up for all this holiday buying! Our lotions are selling like crazy and everyone that's purchased a small moon cream is coming back for the larger sizes!

Now then, to keep me encouraged, I want people to please comment on this post! If I even suspect that someone might be reading this, it will be so much easier to keep this thing updated!


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Very Blissed said... November 11, 2008 at 7:53 PM

I think I am going to steal one of these soaps early. I think I have quickly become a little addicted to the scent.
Also,thinking about making a diffuser with it to take to will be fun to see the reactions as people walk into my room.

That's it - I'm sneaking down to the soap room now.


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