Crazy kind of soaping life

The Blissology house has been pretty crazy lately!

On Wednesday a reporter from the local paper, The Mountain Mail, came by to talk to us about our soap. She took some pictures, asked some questions, and the story will be published either late next week, or the following week. I'll post a link when it's up!

For the interview though, we made a couple of batches of new soap. We don't usually do that on weekdays so it was a little hectic. We did our unscented version which also includes oatmeal and goat's milk, and a new kind, Pomegranate. The latter turned out really pretty and swirled just right. Can't wait to have pictures of that one!

Besides all soapmaking and newspaper interviews, we've been having a heck of a time with our webpage. The provider we have keeps wanting to charge us for every little thing, but they don't want to charge just a little. The cost just keeps going up and up and we're about to just jump ship and go with a different service provider. Unfortunately this may take a few days. BUT, I think we'd still be able to get the page opperational faster by moving than by dealing with the people we have been. It's unfortunate, and of course it's literally a huge headache, but we'll do what we have to.


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