First of all, an update on yesterday's bow post. Last night my youngest sister was having serious difficulties with her computer and a deadline looming close. She was waiting, trying to be patient, as my husband tried to fix her problems. To prove that she can channel her frustrations better than either of her other sisters, she made a bow. It was twice as big as my bows, and she did it in about the same amount of time as my little ones. She thinks she was being clever, but now, we have a new bow maker!

Now then, on to business!

Last night I spent some more time in the etsy chatrooms. I mentioned that we were making massage oil candles and then got to tell everyone what they were. For as cool as they are, not many people have ever heard of them yet alone used them. So I figured I'd write about them here too.

If someone were to say to you "Pour this melted candle into your palm. It makes for a great massage!" you'd probably be more than skeptical. But that's exactly what you can do with our massage oil candles!

They do have some soy wax in them, but they also have cocoa butter, shea butter, and almond oil. When it melts, it melts into an oil, not a wax. So you're not going to have a waxy layer on your back after the massage. The oil is slick enough for a massage but eventually absorbs into the skin leaving it moisturized and silky smooth.

The candle looks just like any other candle but it starts to melt at a relatively low temperature, about 102 degress Fahrenheit. After there's a pool large enough to work with (about 15 minutes or so), you can just pour the now-liquid oils right into your hand. It's perfectly warm for a massage.

Like regular candles, they're wonderfully scented and burning them fills a room with fragrance. And if you don't have a massage partner at the moment, they also make for a great cuticle treatment. Because of their superior moisturizing qualities, they're also wonderful for dry elbows, knees, feet, or anywhere else that needs some TLC.

Our best-seller of these has been our Sensual fragrance. It is what it says it is, with sandalwood and vanilla and hints of patchouli and lavender. Customers also love our Stress-Be-Gone essential oil blend, and our Raspberry candles.

Last night we also added two other fragrances using only essential oils. Lavender, and Ache-Ease. The latter is a blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry, rosemary, and lavender and it does wonders for sore, aching muscles. I'll be adding these two within the day to both our etsy site and our main website. If you are really excited about one of our new fragrances and want to order one right this second, go ahead and purchase any of the others from either page and add in the order comments which kind you'd really like.


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